GeneFuncster is a web tool for gene functional enrichment analysis and visualisation.

The tool can be used for analyzing gene lists for functional enrichment towards Gene Ontology (GO) and KEGG databases. The analysis is supported for:

  • short filtered lists of genes (e.g. differentially expressed genes in gene expression profiling study)
  • long lists of (ranked) genes
It is possible to include fold-change and p-values and the data can be sorted based on them. These values may also be used for various visualizations.
Results consist of tables and visualizations of GO graphs and KEGG pathway maps. Additional plots for visualizing the genes are also available.


Please see the tutorial for short usage examples and user guide for more detailed descriptions.



For citation please use the following reference:

Asta Laiho, András Király, Attila Gyenesei: GeneFuncster: A Web Tool for Gene Functional Enrichment Analysis and Visualisation. CMSB 2012: 382-385

Contact: asta.laiho at