Our Tools

Our group is developing advanced analysis tools and implement novel approaches for the analysis of high-throughput data sets generated by microarray and next-generation sequencing instruments in the field of genomics and transcriptomics. Currently, we are working on the following tools:

  • BiForce / BiForce Toolbox:  A unique tool that supports high throughput analysis of epistasis in GWAS for either binary or quantitative traits. BiForce achieves great computational efficiency by integrating three major advances in computing (i.e. well designed data structures, Boolean bit-wise operations and multithreaded parallelisation) with fast calculation of pair-wise gene-gene interactions.
  • GeneFuncster: A web-based application that takes advantage of several R/Bioconductor packages including topGO, GOstats and gage. GeneFuncster that is able to analyse functional enrichment in both short filtered gene lists and full unfiltered gene lists as well as represent the results by both GO hierarchical graphs and KEGG pathway maps.
  • BiclusterMiner:  A novel method which implements an efficient biclustering approach enabling the complete identification of all biclusters while keeping the computational demands minimal and running times reasonable.
  • GWES: A web-based application that runs epistasis analysis on a powerful computer cluster.